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Office hours: Monday to Friday 9-5.30pm

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Laveesha, 126 parkgate place, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8

Care Advice


As with all costume jewellery store in the boxes/pouches provided.

Do not spray perfume, hairspray or chemicals directly onto the jewellery as with all jewellery this may cause damage or discolouration.

Remove while swimming, playing sports or undertaking household chores as chlorine bleach can tarnish jewellery

After wearing the jewellery clean with a soft cotton cloth to remove any residual moisture or cosmetics


Care advice for brushes


Wash in luke warm water with baby shampoo

Do not leave to soak as this may cause the glue to degrade.

After shampoo, use baby conditioner to soften the bristles

Prior to drying, mould the brushes back to original shape

Leave to dry on a ledge so that the brush bristles are not pressing on a surface.



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Office hours:

Monday to Friday 9-5.30pm

Office Address


126 parkgate place

Parkgate Street

Dublin 8

Tel: (083) 488 2921